What is Our Wedding Booking Process?

You are recently engaged!  You start looking through magazines, searching blogs for inspiration and quickly realize you have no experience in planning an event! 

Fear sets in because you just want the wedding and fun party to happen. You know it takes a lot of time to plan such an affair. You and your fiancee are both working full-time jobs along with family and friend commitments. You both wonder how in the world you will pull this off. 

Just then you realize you might just need to hire a professional wedding planner to help take on this huge task. They are experienced and have planned hundreds of events to your one. It seems like a great idea so you start researching wedding planners in your area. 

When you stumble upon You’re The Bride we make our booking process super easy for you with just these few steps. 

  1. Decide if you’d like our help because you want to relieve stress. 2.
  2. Decide which Collection is best for you and review agreement.
  3. Return agreement with 25% retainer to secure your wedding date!
  4. Breathe a sigh of relief that you have enlisted a professional!
  5.  Review The YTB Welcome Client On-boarding packet.
  6.  Next steps provided after you book so we can start

After reviewing our collections you decide it is time to meet with a Certified Wedding Planner to talk about your day. You are curious how they can help by doing the tasks and taking the stress of you. After all, you just want to actually enjoy being engaged. Giving yourself the gift to relax and enjoy the upcoming parties celebrating your commitment will be your best decision!

For help planning your perfect wedding contact Certified Wedding Planner tracie@yourethebride.com or call 248-408-4602
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