Appetizer How To’s


When should appetizers be served?

Appetizers can be served at several different times throughout your wedding day. This all depends on when you want your guests to arrive and how long they will be waiting around. If you are having your guests arrive more than a half hour before the ceremony starts then something should be served while they are waiting. Now whether that is drinks and/or a small treat is up to you, but serving drinks can cause guests to become intoxicated and cause issues during the ceremony.
If you are planning on having photos done in between your ceremony and your reception than some type of appetizer should be served  during this time as well. Serving drinks at this time is more acceptable because you won’t have to worry about unwanted interruption during your ceremony.

How long should a cocktail hour with appetizers be?

If you are having a cocktail hour before your ceremony I would recommend no longer than 45 minutes. If you choose to serve alcohol before the ceremony make sure you serve food as well to avoid drunk guest problems. 
If you are having a cocktail hour after your ceremony, this could be a little bit longer but no more than 2 hours is recommended. You do not want this time in between to be too long because most venues only allow you to rent the space until midnight and it may cause you to cut your dancing time short.

What type of appetizers should be served?

Like I said, you can serve alcohol during your cocktail hour, just beware of the precautions that come along with it. Types of food that can be served are really dependent on your theme and what you are serving as the main course. You want to choose appetizers you and your guests will love, but some of the most common are fruits, cheese & crackers, and lunch meat platters. 
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