Best Way to Share Your Detroit Wedding Moments

wants to share those special wedding moments with others. But whats the easiest
way to share those photos? Printing them off for everyone is out of the
question, who can spend that kind of money? And making copies on CD’s and
portable drives takes up a lot of time, so what can you do?
            Technology has come a long way in
the past few years. There are now actual applications on phones, tablets,
cameras, and computers that will allow you to share those precious moments with
everyone at little to no cost to you!
            Weduary is a great site! Its an
application where you can create your own site invite people to join and then
just share information, pictures, ect via web! Perfect for sharing photos you
have with those who would like them or even just wedding nformation! Plus its
super easy to get started.
        Flickr is another great website. It
is only for wedding photos. Brides absolutely love this site as they are able
to download and upload pictures and make them available to whomever. It’s also
great because you can download pictures from others and then print them off!
Big plus here is that it’s free!
     Dropbox is another great site. It
allows you to not only share pictures, but videos and documents as well. A
great place for a super busy bride who has a lot to communicate with and share!
on your engagement!
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