Quite the Character’s

Ferris wheels, elephant ears, and carousels.  How do these things you’d find at a fair have anything to do with your wedding?  These fun festival finds are just some of the things you can find at an amusement park but there is one other thing one commonly finds there that could actually work in a wedding, caricatures!
Caricatures are exaggerated, cartoon animation pictures.  They can be really of anything but are most commonly of people.  These funny, unique drawings are a great way to personalize and had humor to your wedding.  You could have an artist draw these of your guests and keep as a favor or like our bride Jodie did topping your cake.  There are endless ways you can incorporate caricatures into your wedding and will always be a reminder to not take things too seriously.
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These pictures were from Real Clients Jodie and Ian’s wedding at Wabeek Country Club in Bloomfield Hills a few years ago.

Happy Planning!