A Ball in the Fall

            Dreaming of a fall wedding? Some of the most beautiful weddings are in autumn. The colors are so beautiful that outdoor pictures are a must! However, picking a unique color pallet for fall is sometimes difficult. You don’t want the same ol’ red, orange, and green. Don’t be afraid to stray from the traditional colors, especially if your theme is unique as well. One of our favorite websites, perfectpallete.com, has great inspiration boards and we would like to share the best ones for fall with you!

  • “Wheat Berry”. Perfect for an outdoor September- October wedding. This is a mix of Fig, Camel, Antique Gold, and White. These colors create a very warm atmosphere perfect for a harvest theme.
  •   ‘Rustic Romance”. Consisting of Brown, Latte, Mustard, Camel, and White. The name says it all. Early fall weddings are best for this palate.
  •   “Chocolate and Cream”. A simply elegant color palate that includes Chocolate Brown, Ivory, and White. Would be lovely for a romantic or even a chic wedding theme. It is a very formal palate, best for late fall.
  •   “Autumn Day”. Of course this palate is perfect for any fall wedding! Colors include Cranberry, Black, Latte, Mustard, and Grey. We love this palate; it is very unusual but gorgeous none-the-less.
  •   “Fall in Love”. A unique wedding palate choice for the bride who loves to use bright colors! The teal balances beautifully with those autumn colors. Great for a late fall wedding or very early winter. Colors include Teal, Chocolate, Copper, Latte, and Ivory.
  •   “Giveaway”.  With colors like Chocolate, Copper, Latte, Camel, and Ivory your wedding is sure to be a big hit. These play stunningly against the leafless trees, best for late fall.
  •   “Autumn Affair”. For a chic and high glamour fall wedding we love Autumn Affair. Black, Latte, Carmel, Ivory, and White give a very alluring vibe to your wedding atmosphere that everyone is sure to remember.
  •   “Festive Fall”. If you love the traditional fall colors but want a new twist then Festive Fall is for you. The palate includes Burnt Orange, Copper, Orange, Gold, Chocolate Brown, and Grey. A great palate for early-mid fall, right at the peak of the colors changing.
  •   “Autumn I Do’s”. This palate is very pretty. It fits a soft themed wedding best. Plum, Lavender, Copper, Camel, and White are included in this color palate and are great for any fall wedding.
               Congratulations on your engagement and have a ball in the fall!            
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