The Perfect Plan for the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Everybody knows what
the standard bachelorette party is. Get the bride drunk, carry her to the nearest
nightclub, end the evening with male strippers from around the block.
You already know the
drill; there is no need to read yet another article about different creative
steps to get absolutely hammered.
Yet, what if you want
a party that the bride will actually remember? And even better – one that
doesn’t end with a high potential for violent sickness and similar
Well, look no further.
We’ve cobbled together a day of activities that’ll be just as high-intensity as
a night out drinking.
Don’t forget, these
are just ideas. If you have wilder suggestions, feel free to tell us!

Morning: Pole Dancing

You’ve probably heard about pole dancing. It’s
been on the news a bit. Anyone who’s into it will tell you that it’s a great
activity for women who want to actually have fun doing sports.
Born in strip clubs,
reclaimed by aerial sports enthusiasts, the activity is just the right blend of
ridiculous, sexy and physically challenging to be fit for a bachelorette party.
Take the bride to your
local pole studio and see
if she’s got the moves And for some bonus fun: do the entire
class in heels, wedding veil and any part of your wedding attire you can safely
take onto the pole.

Paintball in your Old Bridesmaid Dresses

Now that you’ve properly warmed up with your
pole coach, it’s time to ramp things up.
It seems unfair that
blokes can just use the same black suit for everything, while women have to buy
one new dress per formal event. You and the bride have probably got a load of
old bridesmaid dresses clogging up the cupboard.
Well, this is the
perfect opportunity to blitz those old things.
Grab your dresses,
pull your hair into a ponytail, and get ready to snipe your mates through a
log-filled, net-covered obstacle course!
You’ll have to be on
your best behaviour for most of the wedding, so this is the best opportunity to
be as unladylike as your heart desires.
Mud, multicoloured
paint and unabashed screaming – all in all, a well spent afternoon.

Evening: Old-School
Sleepover & Scrapbook

The “girly sleepover” myth that the media tries
to sell us isn’t necessarily an experience that we’ve all had, as women.
But you know what?
They might be fun, especially as adults would usually involve some alcohol in
Prepare all your
favourite junk foods, drinks, and snacks. Make a massive fort with all the
pillows and blankets in the house. Hardcore mode: make a treehouse beforehand
and transfer all activities there.
This can be a great
opportunity to wind down after a long, physically intense day. Also, you can
use the downtime to grab all the photos and memorabilia of the day to make a

Midnight: Séance

Hanging out with a
bunch of women naturally calls for some witchcraft to happen.
This seems like a
logical course of action for anyone who’s grown up with Charmed or The Craft.
If you’re not familiar with these things however, it could be a great way to
end the night on a thrilling note.
If you don’t have a Ouija
, you can always make one during the previous step. Make sure
at least one of you is familiar with how to shut those spiritual doors
after you’ve opened them. 

Light some candles and see where the night takes you!

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