Party, Pumpkin Spice, & Everything Nice

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As summer is winding down, many of us are getting excited for
all of the upcoming fall activities. If you are a soon to be fall bride or
groom, chances are you have a reason you picked this season to get wed in.
Maybe these coming months have a special place in your heart, maybe the
changing colors always catch your eye, or maybe this is just the time that
feels right. No matter the reason, below we have listed some great fall themed
bachelor/bachelorette party ideas to help get you into that autumn mood.
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#1 Apple Picking. You are in luck if you live in Michigan
like us at YTB, it is a great state that has many different apple orchards that are
well known. This is a great activity if you are a more outdoorsy group.
#2 Hard Cider Sampling. Maybe your group is more of the
drinking type that loves some hard cider. Different cider mills offer hard
cider tastings during the fall months. If the nearest cider mill is a bit far,
don’t fret. Many local bars also do hard cider tastings during this time of the
#3 Attend a Craft Class. Craft stores such as Michael’s or
Joann Fabrics offer great seasonal themed craft classes. Spooky Treats, Wreath
Making with fall flowers, or crocheting cozy hats are all classes that are
taking place. For a bit out of the box, check with your florist, or bakery
vendors to see if they also offer classes. This is a great way to connect with
your vendors and still have fun.
#4 Visit a Haunted House. This is for more of the thrill
seeking group. Check out listings online or even in your newspaper to find the best scare level for your group.
#5 Pumpkin Painting/Carving. This is such a classic activity to do with those that are dearest to you. Start the day off with heading to your nearest pumpkin patch and then head on home to put your inner artist skills to the test. You could add a competitive side to this and have a small prize for the best pumpkin.
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Keep in mind that all of these activities can also be incorporated into the traditional pre-wedding party ideas. Maybe spend the day at the apple orchard and the early evening at a spa getting pampered. You should spend your special pre-wedding plans doing what you will enjoy the most. We hope your fall wedding will be a magical and joyful celebration.

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