Cupcake Craze!

From Cupcake Wars to D.C. Cupcakes, from Sprinkles Cupcakes to Magnolia Bakery the cupcake phenomenon is taking over the world. Cupcakes have ignited bakers everywhere and intrigued customers in this bite size treat. It has sparked every thing from TV show competitions to specialized bakeries. This “epidemic” has also spread into the world of weddings and everyone is catching the bug.

Cupcakes are a great way to slim down your cake price and offer a fun alternative. Having cupcakes at your wedding will also save some time because pieces of cake won’t have to be cut; everyone can help themselves and no one will have to wait for cake to be served to them. Along with this, cupcakes prevent large amounts of left over cake and are easy to pack in boxes if there is some. In addition, cupcakes are definitely kid friendly to any little ones attending the event. These little cakes are sure to make a big impact on your wedding!

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