Photography: First Look

Times are changing and weddings are taking a new turn. New creative ideas are forming and the first look is the newest!

Not seeing each other before the ceremony is tradition that has been in weddings for decades. But now a new tradition is taking its place, the first look. The moment you see each other for the first time emotions are rising. The first look is a great opportunity where you and your partner can see each other for the first time without all of your friends and family around. Plus this is a great photo opportunity.

Some people say the first look takes away from the ceremony, once you see each other then everyone can embrace the moment with you. But why not make it personal I know I want to.

Here are some photos of people who decided on the first look!

Put your own creative twist on it and add some balloons to make a more dramatic affect!

Put a blind fold on him or meet each other on a street corner! 

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