Down To A Science

An engagement ring is probably the most important and significant piece of jewelry a girl will ever receive.  It should be selected very carefully and have much thought behind it.  But how are we supposed to give all of our trust to a silly guy I mean fiance to pick this out? Well here are some tips, facts, and fun information of the anatomy of an engagement ring:

Emily Maynard’s, ABC’s most recent Bachelorette, Neil Lane ring from fiance and winner Jef Holm.
  • Engagement bands began in ancient Egypt, as the circle was used to symbolize the never ending cycle and the space in it as a gateway. 
  • Most people in the United States, England, France and Canada wear their engagement rings on their left hand, because of the old tradition that a vein in the fourth finger led directly to the heart.
  • On the other hand, in many countries including Germany, Russia, India and Norway, brides wear engagement rings and wedding bands on their right hands.
  • Is your love solid as a rock? All of these gemstones lead the pack in popularity and hardness:
  • The cut of your gemstone is the most important characteristic! Which one matches your personality?
  • A vast array of settings are available. Which one is best for you?

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Happy planning!
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