How To Go To The Bathroom In The Dress

While trying to think of what would be a great topic to write a new blog post about, I found myself staring blankly in front of my computer with My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding reruns play on my TV in the background. I was at a loss until I saw one of the brides attempting to use the ladies room in her giant dress. Thats when it hit me, what is the best way to use the restroom in a wedding gown? Now although your dress may not be as big as some of the dresses on said TV show, it can still be nerve racking to think of how you are going to be able to go to the bathroom in a dress you spent lots and lots of money on and that is probably bigger than a sundress you might have gone into a public restroom in before. Below I will discuss some of the tips I have found while doing a little bit of research  that should help you out when mother nature calls.

While researching I found an interesting article that talked about the importance of making sure the bathroom is clean at your venue. Here a synopsis of what the article suggested:

First thing is to scope out the restroom at your venue. If it is dirty ask the staff if it would be possible to clean it. You defiantly do not want to have the bottom of your dress getting gross from it hitting the floor of a dirty bathroom.

When it comes to actually answering mother natures call, it is suggested that you use the handicapped stall and bring some of your bridesmaids to help you hold up the dress. Once in the stall its important to completely remove undergarments and sit on the seat backwards, this way you wont have to worry about the back of your dress. Have your bridesmaids hold the back of your dress and when you are done with your business step backwards carefully.

If you have a hoop skirt or a lot of crinoline under your dress make sure to not step on it when getting off the toilet seat, it could cause you to fall backward onto your back.

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