Reasons Men Should Schedule Regular Salon Appointments

It is important for men to do self-care before the wedding day and even if you are not getting married. You owe it to yourself to allow time for pampering and relaxation just as much as the ladies do.
Self-care, mani-pedis, waxing, and all sorts of personal
care services are commonly associated with women only. Society used to think
“vanity” is feminine, rendering many men to shy away from salons in
fear of judgement, despite being plagued by their unwanted body hair problems.
But now, in the 21st century, a lot of double standards are
being scraped off, including men’s self-care.Waxing salons
and wellness centers
in Sandy, Utah, and other cities have been
offering their services to men, encouraging the male population to be more
confident about grooming.
What the Studies Say
OnePoll conducted a research onhow men feel about their body hair, and out of
the 2,000 men they interviewed, 55% said they were ashamed of it, and nearly
25% said they feel haunted by their body hairs.
About a third of the participants avoided swimming out of
embarrassment of their body hairs, while another quarter steered clear of the
gym. Almost 1 in 5 men also reported that their body hairs hinder intimacy in
their love lives.
On grooming, 48% disclosed that they do not practice the
best routines, and 43% said they’re not confident enough in their own grooming
skills. 62% admitted to never shaving their backs, and more than half confessed
that they’ve never gotten rid of their leg hairs. They only shave their facial
hairs, according to 56% of the participants.
Grooming Services All Men Shouldn’t Be Ashamed to Try
Since it turns out that a good number of men lack confidence
in their own grooming skills, they can definitely use a professional’s help.
But barbershop and salon appointments should be considered by all men,
regardless of their grooming abilities. After all, who wouldn’t love a few
minutes to a few hours of just sitting and letting trained hands do magic on
their hairs?
Here are some grooming services all men can benefit from:
  1. Beard
    Trim – Unkempt beards keep you from looking your best, so manage it by
    having a beard trim from time to time. This will keep the length and
    thickness of your beard in proportion with your face, resulting in a
    tidier and more balanced appearance.
  1. Manicure
    – Men’s hands and fingernails need pampering, too. Don’t shy away from a
    manicure session because smooth hands and trimmed nails are important in
    all professions.
  1. Straight
    Razor Shave – This is a traditional shaving practice without the use of
    shaving cream. Let trained hands do the honors for you as you sit back and
    relax. This will leave you with a more precise shave and a smoother face.
  1. Waxing
    – If you’re fed up with cuts and bumps from shaving, then it’s time to
    transition to waxing. Wax gets rid of stubborn and coarse hairs in any
    areas of your body. Just let your body hair grow at least one-quarter of
    an inch before your appointment for the wax to adhere better and be more
  1. Scalp
    Massage – Just like any massage, a scalp massage also induces relaxation
    and helps release happy hormones. You totally deserve this after a hard
    day’s work!
  1. Facial
    Massage – Men should be concerned about their skins, too. A facial massage
    will give your skin the right treatment to make it refreshed and rejuvenated.
    Your face might get a little red after the session, but it’s only a
    reaction that should face fast.
Hair Removal Popularity Among Men
Athletes and metrosexuals aren’t the only ones getting theirbody hair removedthese days. Men of all
professions and sexual orientations are now encouraged to clean up. Waxing
salons have seen a surge in male clients by up to 30% this year. The rise in
popularity may have come from renowned celebrities like David Beckham, who
seems to contribute to the hairless trend among men. Moreover, men are also
convinced by their wives or girlfriends to get waxing services.
It turns out men who tried waxing liked it better than shaving
because it’s less time consuming and the results are better. If you’ve been
insecure about your body hair, too, don’t hesitate to book an appointment to
the nearest waxing salon.
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