What A Groom Can Do To Look His Absolute Best

Let’s all be honest for a moment. The wedding day is about the bride. It’s also for your love together,
but in terms of the visuals, the bride is the life and soul of the occasion. And yet, that doesn’t mean
that nobody will be paying attention to the groom. Far from it actually, because the way you dress
will say a lot about you and the bride.

Judging how you are dressed, people will know what sort of man you are and the taste of men your
bride has too. This does not reciprocate for your bride. The white wedding dress the bride wears
does not reflect on the bride. Therefore you could say, the man’s style is doubly important. So here
is how you can look your best, by the power of high-end formal fashion knowledge.



The style of the groom suit


You are not wearing a business suit. A wedding suit for the groom inherently has a history that dates
back to the Victorian Era. You will have a singular vent, with two tails to your jacket. There will be a
decorative belt just above the vent. The sleeves will be slightly longer than normal as your shirt will
not usually stick out as far as it would in a business suit. You will need to wear a waistcoat, which
is double-breasted. It will need to have 6 buttons as well as a pocket watch chain. You can also
have a decorative pin button if you wish. Your trousers will be worn high and without a belt.
This is the style of the groom’s suit. It’s elongated around its edges, is steeped in early 20th-century
history and has to fit you perfectly



The all-important fit


One clear difference between a business suit and a groom’s suit is that the fit is moved back in terms
of stitching. A business suit fits snug around the ends of the features. Your shoulder and chest will be
tightly connected together through padding and stitching. A groom’s suit will need to have a snug fit in
the middle of the features. The shoulder will not be so snug but your collar will be, and the fit of your
chest will be moved down to the sternum instead of the pecs. This is because the groom’s suits are
heavier and they need to be a little looser to accommodate for the longer features and waistcoat.
If you need to loosen your shoulder seek Alteration Specialists which can make these changes for
you without changing the suit as a whole. To shorten the shoulder it’s $160 and to taper the sides
with the blades it’s $75. This is a cost-effective solution instead of going back to the original tailor.


Try it on


Do not try on your suit once or twice and then wait for the wedding day. You should try on the suit
multiple times and preferably for as long as you think the wedding day will be. This will show you if
any of the paddings are likely to move or how loose the fabric becomes with more use. 

The groom’s suit is incredibly important as it reflects a lot about who you and the bride are.
The style is so important to get right, so research the proper time period of where your suit originated. 




Remember, you can look your absolute best, but you can still look bad in pictures if your photographer doesn’t know what they’re doing. If you want beautiful memories of your big day, make sure to use a freelance photographer who knows what they’re doing. Look through their portfolio and ensure you’re happy with their work before booking!



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