How To Say, “I Do”…

planning and celebrations can last months, but the actual unity of the bride
and groom only lasts a matter of minutes. Making those precious minutes count
can be tricky, as there are countless routes to take while saying “I do”.
            The most
traditional route that most couples choose to take is to have the officiant
read both the bride and grooms prepared vows. These may be prepared with the
help of one another, or done separately. If you’re having a more traditional
wedding, this is a great incorporation of that theme. This form of reading of
the vows is a very sacred act, especially if you are personally close with your
            Another vow
option is to write them with your partner prior to the big day. Many brides
don’t want any ‘wedding day surprises’, and enjoy being as prepared as possible
for what’s to come. If this is you, collaborating with your husband-to-be is a
safe, while still special route to take. Writing the words that will officially
‘tie the knot’ with your soon to be spouse is a celebration in itself. Taking
part in this together will make the excitement feel very real, and bond you and
your partner even closer!
alternative to the typical vow option is to surprise one another on the big
day. There is something almost mystical about the anticipation of hearing what
your bride/groom has prepared for you. Before you begin writing, agreeing on an
estimated length with your significant other is a great trick. With the agreed
upon length, there won’t be any uncertainty if one persons vows are drastically
longer or shorter than the others. Knowing that your life-partner wrote their
vows from their heart alone is endearing, and magical. If you’re hoping for
spontaneity, this is a special and memorable route to take.
            Tying the
knot can be a daunting step to take, but knowing that there are many options in
making it as comfortable as possible is reassuring. There is no wrong option,
as whichever path you choose is the right one for you and your loved one!
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