Things The Bridal Party Should And Should Not Do On The Big Day!

Being asked to be in a wedding is a big deal! The engaged couple have chosen you to be a part of their special day, probably because you are special to them. Standing up in a wedding can be so much fun and sometimes stressful. There is more to standing up in the wedding than simply standing up.
Now that you are part of the wedding party you are in charge of doing all the fun before wedding stuff with the bride/groom. You have to throw together a party for them. A bridal party and bachelorette party for the bride. Then they boys get their big bachelor party. The ladies have to go dress shopping and find the perfect bridesmaid dresses for everyone. Then they will have to go find the perfect shoes to match. The guys get all sized up for their suits and dress shoes. There is a lot of work that comes from the bridal party before the wedding.
Once you have helped all you can before the wedding you now get to worry about the big day! For the girls, you have to make sure the bride has everything she needs. If she needs a bobby pin she is going to turn to one of the bridesmaids and ask for one. The bride will ask if you a hundred times how her hair and make up looks and every time she asks you have to convince her she looks great. And when it comes to the boys, the ladies have to make sure they don’t drink too much!
A big part of being in the bridal party would be the pictures! Make sure you are good to go when the photographer is ready. You don’t want the bride and groom to have only funny pictures of their bridal party because everyone was not paying attention or too drunk to pose correctly. Make sure you make their big day about them. But most importantly, have fun with them. The bride and groom can get nervous throughout the day so make sure to keep them smiling. Give them  a drink and laugh with them and keep them calm and happy all night long. Being in the bridal party can be a blast, just make sure you take care of the bride and groom!
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