Nothing But The Best at your Detroit Wedding

Now that the glory of the engagement is over, it’s time for the planning to commence!  Take a deep breath, because if you have the right tools planning a wedding is fairly easy. The key to planning any wedding is knowing what tasks to tackle first before moving on to the smaller things. Here are some of the best ways and things to do when going about planning your wedding:

  1. Get organized – The overall wedding plan will be your guide to creating a wedding without the hassle. Sit down with pen,paper, and note cards and write down a list of all the details you can think of for your wedding. That list should include everything from the date, gown, church, and flowers to the vehicles, music, and décor. No detail is too small for this list. Do not worry if it seems to be taking up a few packages of note cards. Just write until you cannot think of another detail.

2. Create a timeline – This will help guide you through the process. As a general rule, things like venue and date usually come first, as you will need to settle those items so you know how long you have to get the other things like your dress and flowers. They will also help you to set the main part of your budget. Once you have your cards in line, do it for your other piles.

3. Match tasks; save time and money – You can then compare piles and see which items you can combine. For instance, you may have flowers at your reception and your wedding, which you will order at the same time. Your venue may provide you with a caterer and cake designer, which will make planning a little easier. If you still feel overwhelmed or have no idea where to find the things that you need for your wedding, you need to seek out some help. Planning a wedding takes a lot of footwork and asking questions.

For more information on planning your big day, contact You’re The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!


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