Wedding Parties, Where Do They Have to Stand?

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The simple answer, wherever
you want them to. In today’s day and age, many couples are breaking away from
all males on one side and all females on another side. It is common to see
LGBTQ+ couples being the first to break this so called “rule.” However, couples
identified as straight may also mix up the traditional wedding party stance.
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Another concept that has
changed the American bridal party is our melting pot of culture. Not all
cultures celebrate marriages the same way. There are many ceremonies that have
no bridal party whatsoever, or maybe they sit in pews throughout the entire
ceremony. Feel free to have your wedding be mixed genders, standing, sitting,
and some in suits, some in dresses. The trend of bridesmaids dresses that are
different for each body shape has been in play for a while. Now we realize that
we can switch up more than just the clothing we put on our body.

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If you have family members,
mentors, or even friends that find your bridal party arrangement to be a bit quirky,
do not let it get to you. It is your day and you should be able to showcase
those nearest to you, the way you want. It does not matter if your friend identifies
as a gender different from your own, if you want them standing next to you on
the big day, that is where they belong.
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