How Do You Know Your Groom Or Bride Is For You?

Before you place the ‘just married’ sign on the back of your luxury or traditional car, sit down and think
what that means. You’re heading into a with your husband or wife and from now on you will be with each
other for the rest of your life. So have you asked all the questions you need to? Don’t worry if you don’t get an
answer back to all of them, you need to start thinking about them first of all. Can you stand their annoying
habits? Can you really see them being a stable financial partner? Can you trust them emotionally to never betray
your trust? Are the aligned with what you want to achieve in life? Are they centered in your way of thinking?
These series of questions are merely the tip of the iceberg. Human beings are not simple, and they never will be
so don’t become so drunk on love that you stop thinking about the long term. Is there even a way you can truly
know if your bride or groom is for you?

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The road trip test

One of the best ways to really see if your future spouse is made of the stuff that will keep you by their
side unto death do you part, is the road trip test. Think about what a road trip is. People that care for
each other, be it friends, family or couples, are trapped in a car with very little luxuries and are traveling
around to unfamiliar places. Go on a road trip together, just you and your beloved one for about 4 to 6
weeks. Pretty soon into the trip you will begin to see and witness things that they do that could make you
challenge your assumptions about them. They could become incredibly rude and aggressive, or they could
become weak and have no idea how to take charge of a situation. You’ll see how well they manage with money,
how well they can navigate and solve problems and how knowledgeable they are about ‘street smarts’.

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A shared outlook?

Maybe the strongest thing that keeps a couple together the longest is a shared perspective on life. Having a similar
outlook on life means that you have something deep in common. It could be that you are both politically motivated
a certain way and want to change the world in that direction. On the other hand you could also be of the same faith
and thus share some thoughts and feelings about spirituality. Maybe this is why some people want to go onto websites
such as Muslim Dating. On the hand you may not want someone who is religious and shares a worldview that is based
on living in the now. Regardless of what comes after your outlook on life, if your partner has polar opposite views, do you
really think you will love them in 5 or 10 years time?

Some people get married quickly because they feel a connection with another person. Other times, couples are together many years before they are ready. It’s really up to how strongly you feel about your partner and whether or not they can stand the test of time regarding personality and goals in life.

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