January Couple of the Month ~ Kirsten + Joe, Laurel Manor

and I met through a “mutual friend” as we tell most people. This “mutual
friend” is known as the internet in 2010. I remember just getting out of a
horrendous exam to find that Joe had messaged me. I was excited, but worried it
would just be another let down. I messaged him back as soon as I could and
after that, we just hit it off; I couldn’t stop smiling because I knew there
was something about him that was different; a good different.

just graduated from Wayne State University’s Eugene Applebaum College of
Pharmacy and Health Sciences In May 2013; and became a licensed pharmacist in June.
Eeek! I currently work for Meijer Pharmacy, and absolutely love it (even with
the craziness!). As for Joe, he is a freight broker for Load1 (he doesn’t have
much to say, haha).

original plan to propose to me was deterred by the rain; he wanted to take me
to the riverfront in Detroit and propose by the water before the Christmas
holiday so I could show off my ring and tell all my family. What actually
happened was that he took me to Greektown parking structure facing in the
direction of the river. It was December 4, 2011 and Christmas lights were up so
he called me over the edge of the structure to look at the lights. He proceeded
to say, “Look at the pretty lights,” at that point I knew something was
definitely up. He proceeded to get down on one knee and asked; of course I said

wedding date is set for April 26, 2014! The ceremony will be held at the little
chapel in Heritage Park in Taylor, MI with a good friend of the family
officiating. The reception will be held at Laurel Manor Banquet and Conference
Center in Livonia, MI. We have 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen (after many
changes). Advice: be flexible; not everything will go to plan. Joe and I
jokingly agreed for our colors to be aquamarine and tangerine. Little did we
know that we would settle on navy and coral! The girls will be wearing navy
chiffon dresses from Bill Levkoff. They were able to pick out their own style
so I know they will look and feel their best. The guys will be wearing grey
Vera Wang tuxes, as seen at Men’s Wearhouse, with a solid navy tie. The coral
will be used for accents in the centerpieces and the girl’s bouquets.

not quite sure how to categorize our theme, but it’s a rustic vintage-y feel.
We will have tons of burlap, lace, and, my favorite, skeleton keys! I have
always loved how every key was unique and how they could open things to spread
knowledge. I know a lot of people have made a comment such as our theme being
“key to my heart” type of deal but I’m not THAT cheesy. We have attached little
tags to the keys so guests will be able to write their “keys to a successful
marriage” and hang on branches so everyone can read them. We have also
incorporated keys into the boutonnieres. The table linens will be burlap;
they’re not quite what you would expect! My dad has made wooden platters for centerpieces,
as there will be three glass vases with floating candles on each platter with
fabric flowers placed at the base. The second centerpiece will consist of
several branches with tea-light votives with fabric flowers attached. Most of
these ideas I saw on Pinterest, so check it out! Feel free to ask Tracie for my
info if you want to contact me. I’m willing to answer questions and I’m always
here to lend an ear.