A Lasting Impression


     Leaving a lasting impression on your guests is paramount while planning a wedding. Thanking them for coming to your special day in a creative and unique way can be difficult. While party favors may seem like something from the pre-teen birthday party era, giving your guests a token of your appreciation is a key, and often times overlooked aspect in making the night memorable.

     Mini champagne or wine bottles make a classic party favor for your guests. Although they won’t last forever, customizing the bottles themselves make for a great souvenir that can later be used as decoration around the house. If you happen to be serving a specific type of drink at your reception, you could use that as the mini bottle for your favor to incorporate the special night! Another fun drink-related option is a customized bottle opener. Many brides even choose to incorporate both the mini bottle, as well as the opener into their favors. This is a great memorabilia that will be a timeless token of your celebration.

     You can never go wrong with a desert, either. A wedding-decorated cookie or brownie is always a sweet (literally), way to thank your guests, especially if you’ve already pushed your budget on other things! This tasty, yet inexpensive gift is one of the best tricks in the book. Including a card or note as well is a great way to personalize the gesture, and make sure that your guests feel appreciated! We like to recommend you wrapping the desert in some sort of tissue paper or bag, which makes it appear even nicer.

     With all of the unexpected stresses that come with planning a wedding, party favors should not be one of them. These unique thank you’s are the perfect way to show your guests that you appreciate them sharing the celebrations with you. Whether it be wine or cookies, personalizing your favor is always important in making the gift memorable. This is a day that they, and especially you, will remember for the rest of your lives!
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