The Icing On The Cake…

           Desert may be one of the first things you think about while
planning your wedding…especially the cake. With weddings becoming more and more
unique, leaving a lasting, and tasteful impression on your guests is key! There
are endless options and interpretations to the most delicious part of your
special day, but which is the best? Whether you choose a cupcake
assortment, or traditional wedding cake, you’re bound to leave your guests
wanting more with these sweet treats!
            A wedding
cake may be the most timeless and delicious aspects of a wedding. There is
something almost mystical about cutting into your cake in front of all your
loved ones, but deciding on a cake can be challenging. While there truly is no
‘wrong’ flavor of cake, remaining somewhat neutral in the pallet is important
if you’re planning to serve and please the majority your guests. The flavor is
also dependent upon the season… In the warmer months, vanilla and fruit flavors
are very popular. However, chocolate and richer flavors are ideal for the colder
months. A wedding cake is endearing and magical, which is why it remains the
most popular amongst brides.
           Deciding on
a cake flavor is a challenge for anyone, especially an overwhelmed bride-to-be…
But what if you didn’t have to settle on just one flavor? Although you can
never go wrong with a traditional wedding cake, a vast cupcake assortment may be
the most well rounded option. A cupcake display will serve not only as a
delicious treat, but is a unique and beautiful decoration as well. This will
give you the power to design your entire display, and personalize it any way
you’d like.  It will be almost too beautiful for your guests to
eat…but not quite! Choosing flavors and combinations will make your options
endless, and will be a sure way to please all of your guests (even the pickiest
          Clearly, you can’t go wrong with any option that you choose. A combination of decadency and tradition is ideal, as well as a gorgeous and unique display. Whether it be a cupcake assortment or cake, the taste will be the most memorable part, so choose wisely!
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