Let’s Snuggle!

Fall weddings are some of the most
beautiful. The changing of the leaves and the smells of pumpkin, maple, and
cinnamon fill the air. Speaking of air, sometimes it tends to be a little
chilly, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. So instead of debating
on small little favors to give your guests that they will never use again or
throw away, why not provide them with a nice fleece blanket to keep warm!
Everyone loves a good blanket, even just a throw. Guests will not think to bring
a blanket to the ceremony and will be delighted to find you have so graciously
thought ahead to provide them with one!
There are so many options to go with.
Going with your color scheme is always a great choice. You can also do a fun
themed fall blanked that is sure to jazz up and set the mood for your ceremony.
I also love the idea of a personalized snuggie! Having them embroidered with
unique sayings that your guests will enjoy is sure to add that special touch.
Here are a few websites that provide you
with great prices and you can order them in bulk!
embroidered thick fleece blankets:
Order 24+ $7.00 a piece and $5.00 a line
of embroiderery. www.crookedbrook.com/custom-embroidered-fleece-blankets.htm
color fleece blankets sold at wholesale
50×60 in blankets $6.50 a piece
throws at great prices!
each,  24-47 $6.99 each,  48-143 $5.99 each, 144-287  $5.75 each www.northeastfleece.com/throw_blanket.html


We hope your
wedding is everything you have dreamed off and more! Just don’t forget to keep
on your engagement!
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