Awesome Advice For An Incredible Asian Wedding

Asian weddings are renowned for being spectacular events, full of colour, personality, and sparkle. It reminds me much of my favourite online gaming site, which you can find by clicking this link. They are an incredibly visceral experience, too, but this means that a lot of planning has to be involved to ensure things are on track. With this in mind, here are some tips for you, whether you are deciding on an Asian wedding for cultural, religious, or thematic reasons – let’s take a closer look!

Focus on the spectacular

As we mentioned in the intro, Asian weddings tend to be full of colour and excitement. So, concentrating on the fun is a vital part of the planning process. Try thinking of a theme that matches you and your fiance’s personalities and makes the event as memorable as possible for your guests. Dancing, music performances, and even puppet shows are all big hits at Asian weddings – there isn’t much room for shrinking violets! – so take a look around the web and seek out some inspiration.

Book your venue

When looking for somewhere for your reception, it’s important that your Asian wedding venue has had some experience of hosting similar events before. The decor will be a centerpiece of the event, so you want to choose a site that is easy-going when it comes to creating the perfect space – some wedding venues can be a little stuffy when it comes to hosting events. Don’t forget to ask about extras, either. You might want to have a firework display, for example, or maybe let off some Chinese lanterns, but you will need to get permission first in the vast majority of cases.

Show off your foodie culture

Food and drink are a vital part of any wedding, of course, but with an Asian wedding, you can really go to town in showing off the best of Asian culture. Look for a reputable caterer that is able to dish up tasty cultural dishes – even Indian or Chinese street food can go down a treat. If you are non-drinkers, think about coming up with some exciting ‘mocktails’ – soft drinks that match your wedding colours, for example.

Give guests plenty of time

An Asian wedding is a great excuse for people to get dressed up – a lot more so than putting on the standard wedding suits and outfits that a typical, western wedding entails. But if you want your guests to make that extra effort, make sure you give them plenty of time – and some advice on where to go shopping. Be wary of asking your guests to spend too much money, however, and instead ask them to focus on a particular colour or theme for their dress.

The photographer

Finally, make sure you are choosing a wedding photographer with experience of shooting Asian weddings. Take some time out to speak with them about your various needs and ensure that they know what sort of shots you want. They will have a lot of organising to do on the day, and you will be incredibly busy, so it’s important to get the details arranged beforehand.  

Good luck with the Asian wedding – and for a happy marriage!

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