The Colored Diamond

            With the ever changing times, so
changes what is considered traditional. As the years go on we find ourselves in
a time of expressionism and the showing of our differences and personalities. An
ever trendy and unique way of doing so is with your engagement ring. 

                                                     (Pink Diamond with Green and White Diamond Baguettes)

Colored diamonds are becoming ever so
popular over the past decade. Women are having not only their engagement rings incorporate
their favorite style but colors as well! For whatever reason the black diamond
is springing up in jewelry stores everywhere along with what is considered the
chocolate (brown) diamond. Now they are not for everyone but they are very
beautiful and expresses your personal style! So check out these fun and distinctively
colored diamond engagement rings!

(Blue Diamond Solitaire)


 (Canary Yellow Diamond with White Diamond Baguettes)

 (Chocolate Diamond White Diamond Baguettes)

 (Pink Diamond with Black Diamond Baguettes)

(Red Diamond and White Diamond Baguettes)

(Black Diamond with White Diamond Halo and baguettes and my personal favorite!) 

on your engagement!

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