Formula Blog Four – I Due’s

Every bride dreams of a spectacular, elaborate, fabulous wedding.  While that is what a bride wants, however, money can most definitely get in the way of that dream.  Before even setting a date, venue, or any other common wedding aspects, it is a good idea to plan a structured budget.  Even the date alone could affect pricing so a budget should be a number one priority.  Here are three reasons as why to set a budget before anything else for your wedding:

  1. To rationalize: For example, at first you may find an amazing DJ you absolutely love.  Next, you may find a centerpieces that are outstanding and have to have.  This may leave you less money for areas like food.  Budgeting will help evenly and logically distribute your money.
  2. To prioritize:  Along the lines of properly dividing your budget up, some things you may want to spend more money or will have to unexpectedly.  You can prioritize what items you are willing to spend more money on and then save some for unexpected costs.
  3. To finalize and realize: With a great structured budget, making important decisions for your wedding will come with much more ease and less stress. Having it done ahead of time before everything will help you come to realize exactly what you need and everything you need to spend it on.
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Happy Planning!