Six Months Before Your Big Day: What You Should Be Doing!

Now you only have six months before your big day, you should have a venue booked and a beautiful dress to wear. Here is everything you should be doing at six months before to ensure your wedding all goes to plan!

Ordering your wedding cake

It’s time to order your wedding cake! It’s often one of the most fun parts of wedding planning as you get to try so many delicious cakes while finding the one. There are so many options of cakes available for your big day. A lot of people are choosing cupcakes, instead of a traditional three-tier wedding cake. You need to consider how big you want the cake depending on the amount of guests that will be turning up for the day. Check out our guide about cake types so you know how big you will need it. Remember to see a couple of bakers before deciding which one you want to go with.
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Sort out your invites

Another thing you should be sorting six months before your big day is your invites. By now, you should have a list of everyone you are inviting for the day and the evening. Hopefully, you have already sent them a save the date so they know to keep the date free. You can find many websites which will create the invites for you such as vintage wedding invitations from Pure Invitation. Or you could find a stationery company who will create custom invites for you. Remember to order some extra invites just in case you decide to ask some extra people to the day.

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Find some transport

Six months before the big day, you should be sorting out some ideal transport to come and pick you up and take you to the ceremony. And then drive you and your new husband to the reception.  There are so many different types of wedding cars that brides now go in to the church. If you decide to go in your own car, here is a handy video showing you how to tie a bow on the car so it still looks great.

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Find a hair stylist and makeup artist

Another thing you should be doing at six months to go is finding a hair stylist and makeup artist to help you look great on the wedding day. You should be able to meet up with different stylists for a free consultation where they will talk to you about potential styles that you could go for. You should get at least one trial if you decide to go with them for the wedding. Remember to check if your bridesmaids will be wanting hair and makeup as well.

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Start making your favors

You should also be starting to consider what wedding favors you will be giving out on your big day. It might be something you need to buy in advance, or you could make them yourselves. As it says here, give yourself plenty of time if you are making them yourself. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from a bridesmaid if you aren’t very creative!

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Hopefully, this list will help you keep to a schedule during wedding planning. Remember to book any extra evening entertainment at around six months so it’s all sorted.
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