Fabulous Reception Ideas for a Vintage Beach Wedding

There are lots of beach wedding reception ideas for a fun-filled sandy celebration. Even if you
can’t afford a classy modern wedding, you still can make your wedding reception top notch.

If you’ve already settled on getting married besides the sea, there are a few items you need to know
beforehand, as far as making your reception great is concerned.
·         You can’t mention a beach wedding reception without mention candlelight. And this means
sometimes wind can cause havoc. Make use of candle holders that will shelter the flames.
·         Many outdoor weddings feature a live floral arrangement which is undeniably breathtaking.
Well, but the direct sunlight can mess up with your flowers so be sure to choose the flowers which
can withstand brilliant sunlight or decorate at the last possible moment.
·         Think about alternative placemats like bamboo mat instead of mirrored tiles.
·         Your reception needs to be shielded from weather trends. Watch the forecast closely to find out
when to rent a tent for the reception.

Beach Wedding Reception Ideas

Believe it or not, you can create a wedding reception that leaves the whole town mouths wide open.
Follow these tips for the talk-of-the-town beach reception ideas.

1. Guests
Be sure not to invite the whole locality—unless you can feed the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish from
the nearby ocean!
Food is where a huge chunk of your budget goes for a wedding since it is typically charged by the

Invite as fewer people as possible, and shave off hundreds to thousands of dollars from your budget
by trimming down your guest list.

2. Venue
Selecting your best venue for reception comes with endless possibilities. For beach destination weddings,
many resorts opt to charge everything including the wedding reception.

A wedding at royal Barbados gets a beautiful reception where the bellman greets you by name, the bartender
remembers your favorite drink, and every smile makes you feel at home.

The catering manager can assist in coordinating the reception, saving you big money and time. They can organize
for services such as cakes,
music, and flowers at the best price deal, and can save you time, and much strain.

Alternatively, you can have your reception at someone’s home, a club, a fire hall or even a farm–farms make a great
venue for a rustic wedding reception!

3. Food and Drink
Nothing unites a family like sharing food. You may consider a buffet or self-service reception style. In case you are fond
of take-out food, you can order it from your favorite restaurant.

On this note, kindly don’t serve out of season meals. Since many foods are seasonal, make sure your meals are seasonal.
If not, you will incur a lot of costs as the food needs to be transported long distances, hence inflating prices.

Alcohol can be a huge expense at a wedding reception. How about serving a signature drink instead? Or serving only beer.
You can serve cocktails cheaply without compromising fun.  

Your wedding cake comes as a major item in your reception. You need not a huge and expensive cake, but you can organize
for a small decorated cake and
serve in slices. If your skills allow, make the cake yourself. If not, enlist the services of an affordable baker.

4. Music
Sometimes creativity in a wedding can go a long way into making your wedding reception the talk of the town. Imagine approaching
a family member who is a musician, request for a gift for your wedding. When they can’t figure out what’s the best gift for you,
you ask them for just music performance at your wedding reception!

Seek for the upcoming artists also who play for a much less rate than more established, professional musicians.

5. Decorations
A great way to be thrifty is to make your own favors, which is easier than you think. Get creative with wedding decorations.
Make use of the internet to get the best
decoration deals for your wedding reception.

6. Check For Hidden Fees
You need to find out whether your venue charges fees for things like cake cutting and champagne toasts. Those are costs
to be avoided completely. Why pay to cut cake seriously!

Get assistance from close friends and family members to assist you to avoid unnecessary hidden charges.

7. Be In The Know

When it comes to a destination beach wedding, compare different locations for a rental fee, food, beverages, parking, gratuity,
set-up fees among others. If you still feel that they take a huge chunk of your budget, why not think about a wedding sponsor?
This can be a great way of saving money.

Whatever you settle on, wedding reception ideas are all around, however extravagant they may seem. You ought to get creative,
make it fun, and plan in the style and spirit of your wedding, and your personality!

Over to you…you can use any or all of these beach wedding reception ideas to create a fete that impresses you and your guests. You still can change ideas creatively, or add fresh ones. The focus is to have your wedding day become a memory for many happy anniversaries.

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