Planning a Party That the Kids Will Have a Blast With

There are many things you must consider when planning a party for kids. You must consider adult supervision, entertainment, destination, theme, food and more when planning a party that everyone can enjoy.

So, we give you this easy to use checklist of party ideas and tips.
Making the Invitations
When it comes to planning a party for the kids, you should include a bit of important information first. This is where the invitation comes in handy!

A good party invitation often includes:
  • The date of the party.
  • What time the party starts and ends.
  • Where the party takes place.
  • Who chaperones the children.
  • List of activities, attractions and possible guests for entertainment.
  • A list of things the guest should bring.
  • Whether or not to bring a gift.
  • Contact information, this is so that the parents of your guest can reach you right away. This information is useful for parents to RSVP for the party in advance, turn down the invitation or discuss details regarding the party and/or guests.
To get your kids into the party mood you can make the invitations together! However, if you prefer no glitter and glue, you can always buy premade theme invitations at most major stores.
Cool Party Themes and Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With

  • Slumber parties and sleepovers

    A fun night filled with movies, popcorn, pizza, sleeping bags, story time and more! Kids often love the idea of having a sleepover with their friends. This type of party also allows the kids to have plenty of fun in a safe environment.

  • Favorite movie/cartoon themes

    Every kid has at least one favorite hero, heroine, princess, or cartoon. So why not throw an awesome party with this character in mind! Kids love it, and there are often ample amounts of party supplies with their favorite character, too.

  • Theme parks

    If you have older kids and enough parents who are willing to chaperon why not take everyone a thrill-filled adventure at a nearby theme park! From a wide selection of rides to the fun side shows you are sure to keep everyone entertained and happy. Many theme parks also offer party areas and sometimes party supplies.

  • Carnivals and circuses

    Nearby carnivals, state fairs, and circuses are all fun events any child would enjoy. However, if there are no carnivals or circuses in your area, you can always throw a carnival or circus themed party. From fun carnival games, magicians, clowns, treats and more you are sure to bring a smile or two with this party idea.
  • Pool parties

    Need a party that offers some fun in the sun and is also safe? You can’t go wrong with a pool party. This type of party is perfect for kids of all ages. All you need is some cool floaties and a fun summer playlist.
  • Destination parties
Destination parties are often ones held at either the local park, zoo, aquarium, lakes and beaches, camping and so on. These types of parties are great for those who want something educational and family friendly.
  • A spooky Halloween bash

    Even if it isn’t October 31st you can always throw a Halloween themed party. Kids get to enjoy playing dress up, playing traditional Halloween games and more.  Also, you must have plenty of food ideas, so you can include everyone including kids with food allergies.

Party Supplies and Other Goodies
When throwing a party for kids make sure you get enough napkins, cups, paper plates, trash bags, and plastic ware since these items get the most use.

To give your kids party a wonderful ending give each kid a fun little goodie bag full of party themed items, candy, pencils, and other small trinkets!
Friendly Food for Those With Allergies
When it comes to food and kids, you must take care. Some kids have food allergies that can often leave them feeling excluded. To prevent this make sure you ask all the parents beforehand about their children having any allergies. This way you can know for sure which recipes to pull out for fun finger food and which ones to avoid for the upcoming event.

Common food allergies are nuts, eggs, milk, fish and shellfish, fruits and vegetables, gluten-containing grains, processed foods, and so on.

Should someone have an allergic reaction make sure you seek immediate medical attention and/or administer an EpiPen. This article is just for information purposes.
Entertainment for Kids: Attractions and Activities

Are you looking for funny clowns in Long Island that make the kids laugh? Need a buyer’s guide that helps you compare a square vs. round trampoline and more? Don’t worry! we have you covered with finding the right entertainment for all your party needs. After all, there are many fun activities that keeps you and the kids occupied till the party ends.

If clowns and trampolines aren’t what you are looking for, we have plenty of other great alternatives you can choose from. You can always try having a magician do tricks for the kids, rent a bouncy house/castle, host a water balloon fight with squirt guns, hit the piñata, musical chairs, and more.

Partying With Adults in the Modern Age

Whether you prefer to plan a fun sober event or are going to the local vape bar with your crew to try something new like naked vape juice, you can always try these fun party ideas and tips!

Remember, a good party is one where everyone is interacting so try to limit phones to just for emergencies.

Getting the word out

When it comes to spreading the news about your upcoming party you can use many methods ranging from invitations to email/text messaging to even social media. Make sure your guest RSVP with you before you buy any food!

Cookouts, barbecues, and potlucks
We all have a friend or two that have particular tastes in food or a specific food allergy. Hosting any of these types of parties allows your guest to bring their own food without feeling embarrassed or worried. Nothing is more inclusive and fun than having a potluck full of delicious food and fun conversation!
Traveling with friends

Take the party on the road with a trip down south to try all the fun experiences in Vicksburg, Mississippi. If the south isn’t your top choice destination, you can always look into other fun destinations such as the Caribbean, Europe, or the many fun places in the continental US.  

Party ideas that bring out your inner kid

  • Playing sports, kid games and fun party games

    Host a small competition with any of your favorite sports, play a few traditional kids games, card games, or make up a game everyone can enjoy for laughs.

  • Video game competitions with a fun trophy or prize

    Got friends who are major gamers? Host a fun gaming competition with your choice of prize to keep everyone interested.

  • Beach parties with a nighttime bonfire finish

    A classic choice of parties for those who like to have some fun in the sun and then relax on the beach by a warm bonfire. You caHow to Plan the Perfect Party for Both Children and Adults
  • Everyone likes a good party or celebration! Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, celebrating specific life achievements or just for fun, you can always find time to share good times and good food with the people you love.

  • With this list of ideas, tips, and other party goodies you are bound to plan the perfect party everyone enjoys!
  • chat, tell stories and even have a sing-along to make the best memories of a lifetime

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