Wedding Traditions that Won’t Die

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s no way you will make it through to the big day without hearing “It’s a tradition!!” directed at you, oh at least 50 times, even if you’ve made it clear that your wedding is going to be anything but a traditional affair. That’s because. No matter how much tastes change as the years go by, there are always going to be some wedding traditions that will never die, even if you don’t participate in them personally, or even if they change a little from the original, due to the meaning behind them.
Here are some of the wedding tradition’s I’d stake my life our kids will still be participating in when it’s time for them to get married:
Wedding Cakes
You might be surprised to find that wedding cakes have been a tradition ever since ancient Greece when married couples would share sesame cakes as part of a fertility ritual, and some Greeks carry on this tradition to this day, as you can see at Our modern cakes might look a lot different, and we might not attach notions of fertility to them, but they are still here, and due to their sweetness and the beauty of the cakes, I’m sure they will be around for a very long time after we’re all gone.
Bridal Showers
Bridal showers are brimming with traditions that stretch back over 300 years to Holland. What happened was, when a Dutch daddy didn’t approve of his daughter’s choice and refused to pay her dowry, the girl’s friends would present her with gifts so that she would be able to marry the man she loved.
Today, the bridal shower is more about celebrating together and helping the bride and groom set up home together. Since this is something that is always going to be important, I can’t see it changing anytime soon.
Fancy Transport
The world’s first wedding car is thought to date back to 1903, but before that, brides would make their way to their weddings in style, often on horseback. Although this tradition may have been more practical than sentimental, I can’t see it changing anytime soon because let’s face it, arriving in the comfort of a limo from is always going to be better than trying to squeeze your wedding dress, and your wedding party into your tiny car and it certainly won’t ever look as impressive.
Not Seeing the Dress Before the Wedding Day
Superstitions die hard, so it isn’t surprising that the majority of brides still don’t see each let the groom see the dress before the wedding, even if they live together. This tradition actually goes back to when most marriages were arranged, and the bride’s father would not want his daughter to be seen by the groom at all before the wedding, lest he reject her!

Today, obviously, men and women are, for the most part, free to marry whoever they want, but we’ve kept this tradition, because the bride is able to make more of an impact on the groom when she walks down the aisle and because many brides and grooms feel less nervous when they don’t see each other before the wedding has started. That’s why it will probably remain a tradition for many years to come.

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