Being The Best Wedding Guest You Can Be


Usually, when you think about all of the work that goes into a wedding, it all falls onto the bride and groom’s arrangements – but you as a guest play a role too. Even if you’re not helping with the planning, you’re there on the day, and you’re contributing to how their special day plays out. If you’re an unruly guest, it’s going to stand out and be something negative that they remember about their wedding, and if you’re a good guest – it’s going to make their special day that much better.

Respond as soon as possible

When you get the invitation to the wedding, don’t let that offer sit around for a few weeks – the bride and groom have a lot to plan, and with everything that’s going on, having to follow up with everyone about their invitation is going to be a pain. After you get the invitation, either let them know you’re coming or that you’re not. If you need more time to find out, it could be better to let them know that there’s something stopping you from giving them your answer; at least this way they’ll know you have the invitation and are considering it.

Dress appropriately

You’ll want to make sure that when the day comes, you have the appropriate clothing to wear. Whether it be thematic outfits, bridesmaid dresses, or otherwise – you should be prepared long before the day of the wedding. You don’t want last-minute complications holding you back or causing you to stand out when it’s not supposed to be about you.

Respect their plans

If you’ve never planned a wedding of your own, it might be hard to sympathize with just how much work and time goes into planning it. It’s a stressful and exhausting process, and that’s not including how much money is usually invested, too. If the invitation came with a plan for the wedding, you should do your best to respect that to help the bride and groom have the perfect day. 

It’s not just about the dress code, but the seating plan, the time you’re supposed to arrive, and so on. With everything already paid for, waiting for guests to arrive can be troublesome, and can complicate all of the plans that have been laid out for months.

Ask if you’re unsure

After receiving your information, you should never make assumptions about what’s allowed at the wedding and what isn’t. If something isn’t mentioned in the invitation and you believe that it should be, you should consider asking about it when you confirm whether or not you’re coming. For example, if plus ones aren’t mentioned, then is it okay to bring your other half? Try calling in and asking them if there’s a room or if they’ve been accounted for. You don’t want to show up on the day to find out that one of you isn’t welcome, or that there aren’t enough seats for everyone that’s shown up. People make mistakes, and you can easily correct them by calling and finding out for yourself.

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