The Unity Candle

The lighting of the unity candle is an old tradition that has become very popular at wedding ceremonies. You can use many types of candles such as a simple taper candle, a white or ivory pillar, or a fancy decorated candle. Most couples save these candles and they become an “anniversary candle” which they relight each year on their anniversary.

To do the traditional unity lighting you need two smaller candles on the side on your unity candle. If you want the candle to represent the unity between families, then it is customary to have the mothers light them at the beginning of the ceremony. After being declared husband and wife, the bride and groom take the two smaller candles and place the flames together to light their unity candle. Then the two smaller candles are placed back on their holder symbolizing the bride’s family, the groom’s family, and the new family (the bride and groom).

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