Mother of The Bride Dresses

We all know that the bride wears her dream gown, but what do the mothers wear? Many mothers of both the bride and groom have a hard time deciding what to wear to their children’s weddings. Many women want to dress nicely without outdoing the bride and here are some tips how too!

The trick is to dress conservatively and a lot of the time the mother of the bride will wear a darker shade of one of the bridal party’s colors. This still involves the mothers but they don’t become a part of the bridal party.

Sleeved Dress:

The sleeved dress creates a sense of elegance when it is made into a ¾ sleeve. The beaded and satin gown is stunning while letting the bride still stand out.

Chiffon Off the Shoulder:

An off the shoulder dress is a sexy alternative. Keep the length of the dress long (almost floor) this way it is a sophisticated sexy, which is an appropriate look for a mother. Avoid a necklace and long earrings are a plus for this type of dress.
The Suit Dress:

For those who love the look of a classic clean suit this is perfect for you! The suit dress is always comfortable and can be great for outdoor or indoor weddings, the jacket is always removable in case you get to warm.

One Shoulder Goddess Dress:

This is another very elegant dress. Perfect for the mothers who want to add a little bit of spice to their outfit while remaining appropriately covered. An updo is the best way to pull of this look and keep the jewelry simple.

Pleated Dress and Matching Hat:

This type of dress is best for outdoor weddings and is a really fun way to dress up an outfit! The hat makes draws the eye and pleats flatter most figures. This dress is more for those mothers who want a fun and flirty look, keep the hem right at or below the knee to avoid an inappropriate appearance.

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