Do You Heart Art?

For all of you Art lovers out there this blog is just for you! All of these gowns were created using non-cloth materials! Made from many types of supplies, it is a very different way of expressing your affinity for art!
             These gowns were created using paper materials! Newspaper, recycled paper, ect. There is no getting bored at this wedding! If you find yourself bored (unlikely) , just start reading the style section on your gown!
Gowns are also being made out of duct tape! Yes you heard right. Women are wearing duct tape gowns on their big days! This repair material is a great idea for the “handy” bride!
Wedding dresses are also being constructed using garbage. What? Oh yes indeed. These dresses are definitely reduced, reused, and recycled!
            Hungry for a snack? This dress is completely edible! Made from…..CHOCOLATE!!  This is a great dress for a bride who has constant cravings and can’t wait for the dinner to arrive!
Watch out for sharp edges! These brides are wearing balloon couture! Although they are very unique, these brides couldn’t sit down all night as they would risk popping their inflated dress!
 So don’t be afraid to express your creative side! The best way to showcase it is on your wedding day!
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