You’re The Bride E-Planning Service is Perfect for Brides that Need Advice

This is a service where you can email me anytime when you have questions and need advice on your wedding planning. We offer advice, guidance and support. Brides struggle with etiquette issues, general questions, and need advice on how to handle certain things, what to pick, order, when to book things, and so much more! This is the solution to have your very own wedding professional to email exclusively for all those items that you need answers on. Just email your ideas, concerns or questions and we will respond back with the information you need. I wouldn’t be actually doing any of the planning thru this service it is more like your own personal “hotline” to me via email. Brides choose this service when they are attempting to plan the wedding on their own without a planner and have found it very valuable to have us as a resource! Contact us for more on how to get started E-planning your wedding today. Rates starting as low as $150-$300 depending on how far out your wedding is. Inquire today! #weddingplanning Plz RT