Easy Ways To Create The Perfect Look For Your Engagement Party

Congratulations on your engagement! One of the first thing you want to do is to hold an engagement party to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. The engagement party is one of the first chances people will have to pass on their congratulations and see your new ring. So it’s important to look your best for the special occasion! Here are some easy ways to create the perfect look for your engagement party.

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Stay away from white

As much as white is a must for your big day, it’s best to stay away from it for your engagement party. You don’t want to outdo your wedding dress by choosing a beautiful white dress for your engagement party! Therefore, stick to brighter colors which will be perfect for the special occasion. If you want to add in a couple of white touches to represent your upcoming wedding, accessorize with white to get your guests excited for your big day!

Coordinate with your groom to be

It’s so important to remember what your engagement party is about. After all, you and your partner have just made a huge commitment to each other. Therefore, to create the perfect look for your party, you should consider coordinating with your other half. You could both stick to a particular color or style to show off your new committed relationship. If he wants to wear a suit for the party, he could choose a tie which is the same color as your dress. You will look great together in photos from your engagement party which are bound to be splashed all over social media!

Choose something which matches your new ring

At your party, everyone will want to look at your gorgeous engagement ring. After all, it’s likely to be the first chance they have got to see the new sparkler. Therefore, you should choose something which matches your ring. If your hubby to be has chosen you a pink gold ring, you might want to go for a pastel pink dress to match the ring. Or if he’s gone for silver, you might want to choose a dress with plenty of glitter. A lot of people also head for a manicure before their engagement party so that their fingers look great for the party. If you do, you need to choose a polish which will look fantastic with your new ring. Once you have chosen your ring from Verragio engagement rings or similar brands, you can then plan which polish you want to have at the party!

Dress to the right setting

When choosing your dress for your engagement party, you need to think about the setting of the party. If you are going to have a garden party, you should consider going for a floral dress which will look fantastic with some sandals. If it’s going to be in a hall or a function room, you might want to wear something more classy and elegant for the engagement party. As it says in this feature, you need to choose something special enough that will stand out at the party. Therefore, choose carefully when picking something to suit the setting of your engagement party.

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