Attention to Wedding Details


1. Imagine the day of your wedding, you see bright red linens placed on all your tables when your wedding colors are actually burgundy and navy.  Before you get an anxiety attack imagining this, I am here to tell you that this problem can be fixed. Tracie will definitely prevent your wedding’s linens from going being the wrong color or being delivered to the wrong venue.  
wedding details
2. A wedding planner like Tracie pays attention that everything is in place. She has even saved a falling wedding cake from hitting the grass. Good catch! 
3. Tracie and her team verify all the details are perfect for your wedding. They have prevented cakes from being delivered with wrong colors. All the details matter!
4. Tracie will double check the floorplan to make sure it matches the actual day of layout the venue has set in place.  Sometimes venues fail, but Tracie will not!
5. Luckily, Tracie and her team come up with great solutions when linens are the wrong size or wrong color. Tracie as your wedding planner is a key factor in your wedding, so she can match all the colors of your wedding!
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