Fresh Flowers vs. Artificial Flowers

As a bride you have so many different options to choose from for your wedding day. The type of flowers you have can affect how your whole wedding looks. Here are some pros and cons to real and artificial flowers:
Fresh Flowers Pros:

*They have a natural feel and look more attractive

*They have a pleasant aroma

* Can be given away to guests or hospitals/care homes

Fresh Flower Cons:

*Very costly

*Don’t last long and can wilt in high temperature

*Have to be prepared in a short time before the wedding

Artificial Flower Pros:

*Can be found cheaply and in almost any color
*Can get out-of-season flowers without great expense
*If you suffer from allergies these flowers are the better choice

Artificial Flower Cons:
*They do not produce sent
*Wedding may not feel complete without traditional real bouquet of flowers
*Brides may be afraid using these flowers will make their wedding look “cheap”

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