Styling Tips For Your Wedding Party

If you’ve recently got engaged and you’re in the throes of wedding planning, you may be thinking about
who you want to be in your wedding party and how you’re going to style those dearest to you.
There’s such an incredible array of styles available, and there’s scope to really put your stamp on your
wedding day and choose a look that celebrates your personality and the friendship you have with those
special people. If you’re looking for tips for your squad, here are some suggestions to take on board.

Finding the perfect outfit for your bridesmaids
Choosing an outfit for bridesmaids can be a daunting task, especially if you have a range of ages, sizes,
and shapes to cater for. The best thing to do if you’re unsure about what you want is to look for inspiration
in magazines and online, and then organize some shopping trips. Think about the vibe you’re going for with
your wedding celebration, and cut out some images you like. You could go for traditional gowns in a single
shade, opt for different styles in varied colors or buck the trend and choose something more quirky like a
jumpsuit or a skirt and top combo. Once you’ve got ideas in mind, try some styles and ask your bridesmaids
for feedback. If you’ve got girlfriends who are different heights and shapes, it may be better to go for a range
of styles than a single cut. Once you’ve got the main elements of the outfit sorted, you can choose shoes and
any accessories you want to add, such as a bag, a flower crown, or a pair of earrings.  

Styling your guy gang
When you’re looking for outfits for your groomsmen and page boys, it’s beneficial to consider the theme
of your wedding. Are you going for a traditional wedding or something more informal? If you’re looking at
suits, ties and crisp shirts, think about whether you want to buy or hire, and then arrange some fittings.
Buying suits may give you a wider range of options, but the cost is likely to be higher. If you are opting
for a formal vibe, it’s worth looking for the best shirt stays online to keep those shirts tucked in and looking
pristine. If you’re not keen on the more traditional styles, there are many other options you can explore.
You can go rustic with chinos, loosely-fitted shirts, loafers and braces, you can go all-out on the style front
in white tuxedos, or you could go for low-key suits with open-collared shirts and colorful socks. If you’ve got
ideas, try on some different styles, and see what works. Think about the setting, the type of celebration you’re
planning and the outfits that will be worn by the groom and the bridesmaids before you make a final call.

If you’re planning a wedding, and you’re looking at options to style your squad, hopefully, you’ll find this guide useful. Consider the theme and feel of your wedding day, think about the outfits you plan to wear and don’t be afraid to buck trends if you don’t want what everyone else has.

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