5 Things to Expect When Shopping For a Wedding Dress

So this is it, it’s the day that we’ve all been waiting for. The day that is going to change your life forever.

That’s right, it’s the day that you are going to shop for your wedding dress. On second thought, that’s not right.


It’s probably going to take more than one day. Well maybe not if you’ve got the right team on your side and if you are

persistent. But for most of us, deciding on the first day of the search just doesn’t happen. 


But anyway let’s not get off track. As I’m sure you know by now, you should never get off track when planning your wedding.

Shopping for your dress is so exciting, but it can also be very stressful, especially if you don’t know what to expect.


Lucky for you though, I’m here to make sure that you don’t go in unprepared. Here are five things that you should expect when

shopping for a wedding dress.


1.    There Are Potential Discounts


Let’s start off with something positive shall we? Because trust me, there is some negative stuff below. But this is a good thing,

and it’s something that a lot of brides are unaware of. Many of them actually decide on a dress without ever even thinking

about discounts.


It’s understandable really, because why would anything to do with your wedding be good for your bank account, right?

Well here’s one way: Trunk Shows. These are events that will show off a specific designer’s collection of bridal gowns.


They’ll all be gowns that you can buy in various salons, but if you buy them on the day of the Trunk Show you could get

up to a 15% discount. That’s a pretty sizable chunk right there. The issue of course is that you have to be available on

the day of the show.


And as well as that, there’s no guarantee that you will actually like any of the dresses in the collection. But it is a good

way to cut down the costs. Another possibility is a sort of package deal offered by certain salons.


If you buy not only your dress, but also the bridesmaids dresses in the same place,  you could get a discount on the

whole bundle. There might be another one if you buy a dress for the mother of the bride. 


Since all of these dresses need to be bought anyway, you might as well try to coordinate them to the same place and

avoid spending too much.


2.    There Will be Paperwork


Once you’ve decided on the dress that’s right for you, you’re almost certainly going to have to sign a contract. This is

probably going to include a deposit too and you are going to have to commit right then and there to alterations and



Nobody likes contractual obligations, but it’s entirely understandable why you would be expected to do this. After all,

the dress is going to have to be changed and fixed up to make sure that it suits your specific requirements.


That’s a waste of a lot of work if you end up deciding that you don’t actually want that particular dress. So prepare to

be sure, don’t sign that contract unless you are 100% decided on the dress that you want to walk down the aisle in.


And also, actually read the thing. Make sure that all of the details that should be in there are in there. This is everything

from colour to measurements to fittings because you don’t want to sign for things that aren’t actually what you need.


You want to make sure too that you’re not agreeing to extra costs which you haven’t already discussed with the salon and the



3.    Your Underwear Matters


Maybe you haven’t thought of this already, but on the big day, you have to either wear a strapless bra or perhaps one with clear

straps. I’m afraid this isn’t really up for debate and it’s what you should be wearing while you’re shopping.


The type of bra that you’re wearing can alter the way the torso of the dress looks if it’s not a perfect fit for you or if it’s got a different

shape or different underwire. And it can actually make the dress a little bit uncomfortable to wear all day.


Get yourself measured for your underwear too and do that before you go dress shopping. If possible wear the same bra while you’re

shopping that you plan on wearing on the day, even though it might feel like you’re getting ahead of yourself. 


Getting measured this way will ensure that there are no surprises in how the dress looks and feels when the wedding rolls around.

This is a little thing that makes a big difference.


4.    The Sizes Can be Terrifying


You’re not going to see your normal number on a wedding dress. The sizes on them are pretty alarming. If you go looking for a wedding

dress in the same size as your normal dresses, it’s not going to fit you, it will be way too small.


So if you end up wearing a size 14 wedding dress, even though you would normally be wearing a size 8 when you are out and about,

don’t let it bug you. It’s not just you, every woman your size has to do the same.


God knows why this is. Maybe it’s one last, spiteful attempt by the universe to make women feel bad about themselves before the happiest

day of their life. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. It’s just the way bridal gowns are sized. 


So don’t get worked up over it. And be aware of it too so that you don’t waste a whole lot of time looking at dresses that are actually way too small for you.


5.    There May Be Some Extra Costs


We started this discussion with the good news, discounts. So let’s end it with the bad news. All of those extra expenses that you may have to deal with.

Now all of this stuff should be in the contract and you need to make sure

that it is before you sign. There are some obvious things like the cost of alterations, the cost of any extra fittings that you might need and your deposit.

This could be different depending on the salon. The place you’re buying

from could have their own pricing policies.

And sometimes they’re not necessarily that reasonable. Do some research and see what you can find out about all of the salons you plan on shopping at.

If their pricing policies aren’t on their website, check things like yelp or

any bride-focused sites and blogs that cover your area.


And if you think it’s all looking like it will cost too much, well then why not buy some materials, an adjustable dress form and make your own!

I’m mostly joking here of course . . . But hey, if you do have any dressmaking experience

this is always an option. It’d definitely be cheaper!


At the end of the day, I guess the most important thing to do is enjoy yourself. As stressful and as exhausting as it is, you’re shopping for you wedding

dress and that’s so exciting. Plus, you’re only going to do it once. I hope.

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