Go Figure

Your wedding day is all about you.  As a bride, all of the attention will be not only on yourself but just as much on your wedding dress.   This is one of highlights of the day and something every girl dreams of so it is best to look your finest.  Showing off your figure and flattering yourself in the best way possible is the best place to start Here are some tips in finding the perfect gown for your figure:

  • Pear shaped: look for A-line dresses.  Since they are A-Shaped it highlights your top half while flaring out towards the bottom
  • Busty: look for scooped neck lines.  This will give you the coverage you need but also highlight your face.
  • Plus size:  look for empire style dress.  This cinches in your waist and leaves the rest of the dress to cascade down.
  • Tall:  look for a simple silhouette.  This means nothing too pouffy and dramatic.  This will slim your body and not create to much excess dress.
  • Straight-lined:  look for something form fitting.  This will show off your body and its fit shape.  It will create curves that you thought you never had.
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Happy Planning!
Photo credit:  www.pinterest.com