The Bride’s Ultimate Guide For Bridesmaids

When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids, you might have known for a long time who you would ask. Some might be a given like sisters or future sisters-in-law. But being family doesn’t automatically qualify anyone to be a bridesmaid. As the bride, it is totally up to you who you choose. There are certain responsibilities that come with being a bridesmaid, so it is important to choose people that are up for the job. You don’t want to be left feeling disappointed with the help that they offer you. Need some more tips and advice? Here is a handy little guide to help you in choosing your bridesmaids.


Think Twice

When you get engaged, it can be tempting to just tell everyone that you are engaged. You might just blurt out that you’d love someone to be your bridesmaid. The thing is, once you have asked someone, you can’t take it back. So before you mention it or ask anyone, take your time to think about who you want. A good guideline could be if you think you will still be close to this person in a few years time. It can also be a good idea to think about the rest of the wedding party. If you think there might be clashes, then it might be best to leave them off the list.

Set Expectations From the Start

When you ask your friends or family members to be bridesmaids, it is a good idea to let them know what to expect. Not to be a complete bridezilla, but your wedding party needs to know what is expected. If you are expecting them to get their own bridesmaid dresses, then they need to know as soon as possible. There are other things that you might want them to help with, like your wedding dress fittings or throwing a bridal shower. If you want a lot of help from your bridesmaids, then you might need to reconsider asking those that live far away. As has been said previously, you don’t want to end up feeling disappointed.


Consider Mixing Things Up a Bit

In this day and age, you might have a male best friend. You are quite within your rights to have a ‘man of honor’ or a ‘best woman’, instead of the traditional alternatives. There are no hard and fast rules. Just make sure that everyone is happy with their roles. It is also good to make sure everyone is happy with what they are wearing. A ‘man of honor’ might wear a suit to match the bridesmaids, or just to match the groomsmen. Think about what you and they would prefer and go from there.

Children Aren’t Always Required

If there are no small children that are close to you in your life, then don’t feel like you need to have a flower girl or ring bearer. You would just be asking someone for the sake of it, and it can lead to further hassle when planning your wedding. Equally, though, if there are many little ones in your life, include them all. You could have three or four flower girls and perhaps a couple of ring bearers. It is up to you after all.

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