LGBT Wedding-What to Do About Walking Down the Aisle?

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We are all familiar with the traditional walk down the
aisle. The groom is stationed at the front with his groomsmen, the bridesmaids
come down, and then the blushing bride with the guidance of her father. So,
what do you do if you are a bride and a bride or a groom and a groom? Consider some of our ideas below and figure out which works best for you.
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Traditional- You
could stick with the traditional wedding walk and have one of you stationed at
the front while the other is escorted by a parent or influential mentor. Speak
with your significant other and see which of you would prefer to fill which
Two Aisles- If
your ceremony space has enough room, you could always do two aisles and walk
down at the same time. These aisles could come from right and left of the
center of the ceremony space or be right next to each other in the middle.
Walk Together- A
newer trend is walking each other down the aisle. This works well if you plan
on having a first look before the ceremony.
Separate Times: Another
option is having one walk down the aisle first and then the other half of the
couple walk down. This is different from the traditional since each person would
have more of a ceremonial bridal walk down the aisle.
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