Bridal Beauty Tips

Want to look your best on your wedding day? 
Here are a few suggestions to ensure you are glowing on your special day. 

Find a Veil that fits the shape of your face

Will you be wearing your hair up or down? It can be a little tricky to figure out how you want your hair to look on your big day. Maybe you have always imagined it down, but you realize that the veil looks better with it in a tight bun. Thats ok. Its always best to try on different veils and headpieces to figure out what looks best with the shape of your face. Make sure to remember that when it comes to hair and veils, length adds length to your face and width adds width to it. If you have a round face a narrow veil and/or hairstyle combination will flatter it best. If you have a longer face, choose a wider veil to balance it out.

Play up your best feature

Do you have an awesome smile? Maybe you have been told that your eyes are gorgeous by everyone you meet. Whatever the case, whatever your best feature is, today is the day to maximize it. Don’t be afraid to rock that Russian Red Mac Lipstick or Kim Kardashian fake lashes to really make your eyes pop.

Do not over accessorize

Have you ever heard the saying “less is more”? Well that is definitely the case on your wedding day. Too many accessories can distract from your natural beauty. Don’t pick accessories that “wear you”. You want your guests to talk about how amazing you looked not about how gorgeous that diamond tiara was.You are the star. Make sure everyone knows it.

Don’t limit your dress choices

When you go wedding gown shopping its important to keep an open mind. If you only have one vision and one vision only for the type or style of dress you’d like to wear on your wedding day you may be missing out on some amazing choices. Just look at the picture above. If you are only looking for strapless, sweetheart dresses, you may be missing out on something as spectacular as that.

Use Proper posture

The last thing you want when you get your wedding photos back is to be staring at you slouching at the altar. If you are a habitual sloucher, practicing your posture ahead of time and taking pictures might help you prepare for the ceremony when all eyes will be on you. 

No crash diets

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get healthy and in shape for this special occasion. If you want a healthier lifestyle, the time to start is not the week before your wedding. Any last minute dieting could have an affect on your mood and appearance, even your overall health. You will be so happy on your wedding day that you won’t even be paying attention to your weight. Repeat after me: I will not crash diet.

Soft/kissable lips are a must

You don’t want to have dry, cracked lips for THE kiss of your life do you? You might want to start preparing your lips a week or two before the wedding. Exfoliate your lips by using an exfoliator or a lip scrub. If you aren’t already, make sure you incorporate chap stick to your daily routine.

Eat, Drink (water) and be merry!

One of the biggest mistakes brides make on their wedding day is not eating or drinking water all day. It is important to stay hydrated, especially if you will be drinking and dancing the night away. You should start drinking water at least three days before; it will help clear your skin right up too! Be sure to also eat breakfast, and include some time for lunch somewhere in your timeline to make sure your tummy isn’t growling louder than you reading your vows. 

Skip the spray tan

Spray tan or real tan, don’t over-do it. A proper tan will give you the perfect sun kissed glow against your white wedding gown. A bad tan can be embarrassing. Orange might be the new black, but it definitely isn’t the new tan!

Don’t try anything new close to the wedding

Don’t make any rash decisions or try the hot new beauty trend the month leading up to your wedding. Anything you try can end up having negative results. If you have an unexpected reaction to something, you will still have plenty of time to recover before the “I Dos”.

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