The Chaos Of Keeping Everyone Happy At Your Wedding

Ultimately it’s your wedding day, and you would think that as long as you’re happy, everyone else in the room is going to be happy. But life is just not that simple. Families and relationships are literally torn apart due to the chaos of having to keep everyone happy at a wedding. Some family members might not speak to each other, some hate their seats, some hate the wedding DJ. The point is, everyone has something to moan about at a wedding, and it can ultimately ruin your day. So when you’re planning the day, you have to think about what’s going to make everyone else happy. The more you do so, the more the day is going to flow. You’ll find people dancing until the early hours of the morning, rather than an empty venue by midnight. You’ll see and hear laughter all day long, and most of all, you’ll be over the moon with how the day has gone. So, here’s how you can calm the chaos of keeping everyone happy at your wedding.

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Keeping The Bridesmaids Happy

Your bridesmaids are going to be your support system through all of this. Probably more so than your partner. If you’re the type to take the lead and make all of the decisions, then your bridesmaids will definitely be your confidants. So to keep them happy, there’s a few things you need to do. The first is to visit for dresses and pick out the one you know they’re all going to love. Always get their opinion, and always make sure they’re happy with the dress. Some brides make the mistake of going for what they want, even at the expense of their bridesmaids unhappiness. The second tip we have is to dish out jobs between them. Big arguments are caused over who does what, which can all be solved if you hand out roles that you think they’d like  to do.

Keeping Your Families Happy

Your families are going to be a tough one to keep happy, especially when they’re no doubt investing some money into it. To keep families happy, you simply need to make sure the seating arrangement is done so that people are sitting together who talk and interact. Sitting people with those they don’t know can be a complete party killer, yet some like to do it so that all the guests are mingling. Another tip is to let them contribute and help towards planning the day. The more involvement they have, the more they feel like their money is being well spent.

Keeping Yourselves Happy

Finally, make sure you’re keeping yourselves happy. It’s so easy to let the want of others take over your own needs. A wedding should ultimately make everyone happy, and you shouldn’t be bending over backwards to make that happen. The more simple you keep the wedding, the easier it’s going to be to keep everyone, including yourselves, happy.

Hopefully you’ve got some great tips ready to plan your own wedding, no matter when it is!

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