Tips for a Happy Marriage

Don’t we all want to live happily ever after? Well even though we all love those fairytales we are told when we are children marriage takes a little more work than true loves kiss.

We at You’re The Bride love to see our couples living their long happy lives and encourage happy marriages! Even though every marriage is different these few tips are sure to help keep you and your true love the happiest you can be.

• Trust is one of the strongest bonds two people can have, never break it.

• Love each other truly and honestly each and every day, no matter what

• Don’t go to bed angry, try to resolve an issue before going to sleep at night.

• Money isn’t everything, remember that a marriage is still strong no matter how large or small the bank account

• Enjoy your intimacy, sex is not a chore make it happen as often as you want. Find out where you’re both comfortable and enjoy the time you spend together.

• Care for each other, not just through sickness and health but through tough times. Lift each other up when the other is down and go that extra mile to put a smile on their face.

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