Keep Your Guests Entertained

       If you’ve ever been a guest at a wedding then you may have experienced the lengthy wait between the ceremony and reception. This is typically the time the couple leaves to take pictures with family and the bridal party. For the bride and groom this time may go by fairly quickly, but this is not usually the case for guests. To help keep guests at your wedding from groaning and complaining I have researched a couple fun activities either for the wait or during reception. During your planning process, if you find that your cocktail hour may take a couple hours then you may want to consider one or two of these ideas. Even if your cocktail hour will only take an hour feel free to add one of these ideas for a wow factor.


Sit down with your fiancé and write down a couple questions that only apply to one of you. Then have guests guess which one is about you and which one is about him. If your guests fill this out during cocktail hour have the DJ announce the answers during the reception or have an envelope on each table with one correctly filled out. This can be a fun thing to do as a couple and a good break from the stressful planning. 


Have guests write down marriage tips and advice. Place a jar or cute basket at the bar for completed slips then have your wedding coordinator or maid of honor grab it at the end of the night. Even guests who aren’t married could have good ideas of how to better love each other.  

Date Nights

Another idea is having guests write down their favorite restaurants or date night ideas. This can be very helpful throughout your many years of marriage to try new things as a couple. Instead of going to the same restaurant every weekend draw a card and see where it will take you!
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Photo Scavenger Hunt

Of course you’ll probably have a professional wedding photographer or videographer, but make your guests feel important by giving them a role in your special day. Place a list of picture ideas you and your fiancé would love to see from their perspective and give them the freedom to be creative with their shots. To see them all be sure to give guests a hashtag on Instagram to find them easily.  
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