The Henry Ford

When you think Ford you usually think of the car company, right? Well what do you think about The Henry Ford? When you hear that you should be thinking about an amazing venue to have your wedding! They offer 3 different venues to choose from; The Museum, The Village, and  Lovett hall. 

The museum even has multiple spots inside that you can choose from. They have the Museum Plaza, Driving America Car Court, Prechter Promenade, Anderson Theater, and the Pennsylvania Courtyard. All of which are extremely beautiful. They can accommodate between 150 and 600 people in these venues. 

Another venue they offer would be Greenfield Village. Here they also have several spots you can choose from. They have the Martha Mary Chapel in which the ceremony can take place at. They have the Eagle Tavern where you can hang out after the wedding, this only accommodates 73-135 guests. The Taste of History is an outdoor area in which you could host a wedding. After that you can even go for a ride on the Herschell-Spillman Carousel! 

Last, but not least, would be the Lovett Hall which is a beautiful ballroom. This comfortably fits anywhere from 150-300 guests. The ceremony can be held in the lobby. They have tall ceilings and amazingly white floors which makes for a classy look. The ballroom is huge with gorgeous chandeliers hanging down. 

They also have some cool places to take pictures at the Lovett as well. There is the library and the Ginger Mayer Gardens. The gardens have huge pillars that are elegant to take pictures by. They also have cute benches and tons of flowers and greenery to stand by. The library has many many books with high ceilings which makes for some cute, and some funny pictures. 

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