Getting Married At Christmas? Here’s Some Ideas

Seeing as Christmas is coming up, and so are your big day plans, there’s a good chance you’re going
to be forking out a lot of money just in time for the New Year. It’s not something most people want to
do, but it’s worth it! However, if you’re feeling a little doubtful about it, why not mix the two big days
together, and have your wedding day during the Christmas time?

Getting married just in time for the crux of the festive season itself is a great way to show your love to
your partner. And there’s a lot of different ways you can include some festive ideas in your celebrations
– but if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration, here’s some ideas to peruse through. Feel free to mix and match!

Getting married between two pines might be a little romantic. (Image)

The Period is All About Family

And because of that, a wedding at Christmas time should focus on the most important people in both your lives!.
After all, there’s quite a few roles in a traditional wedding ceremony that require a younger sister or and older brother
to fill in for, and the festive season will just help to impact that.

You can get everyone on the dance floor with Christmas songs we all find cheesy and secretly love, and film your Dad
singing his heart out to Mariah Carey. Everyone is available during the Christmas season, as we all come home to spend
time with our nearest and dearest, so you won’t have any missed RSVPs either!

Early Evenings are Great for Receptions!

If you and your partner are party people, getting married during the winter is probably going to be the best idea for you – the
nights start a lot earlier than they do during the summer, and that means longer parties and reception dances! You can book
the wedding at an earlier starting time during the day, and even get an earlier flight off to your honeymoon afterwards, to make
sure the jet lag isn’t too bad when you arrive at the romantic destination of your dreams.

Why Not Head Away?

Christmas is a great time to get married, simply because you have more of an excuse to go on vacation for it! Hey, it’s a holiday
season! You can get married in another country, rent a house for a beach wedding, and then say I do underneath an altar of palm
trees and warm sun on your skin.

That’ll be much better than staying at home to chill to the bone in your bare armed wedding dress inside a church, or out in a field
where the ground’s all muddy. Just imagine the kind of photographs you’re going to be able to take as well, with paradise in the
background, and you and your partner just as stunning in the foreground.

Getting married at Christmas can be great, just make sure you’re ready for the festive season to bulk out your celebration.

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