Flower Power

Flowers are a huge aspect of a wedding.  This factor is really special because not many other events really even entail having so many flowers let alone as have flowers at all.  Flowers really lighten up any venue and create a real magical feeling.  There are literally hundreds of options to choose from varying in flower, color, length and arrangement.  They also, however, can be a big expense and are very time consuming to set up.  Here are some tips on selecting the perfect flower for your wedding.

  • Set aside apart of your budget: before even choosing a vendor, know how much you want to spend on flowers.  Then the florist can direct you to what options are best suited for your budget.
  • Know your theme/color scheme:  For example, a beach wedding might have whites and blushy pink lilies while a winter wedding would call for something like red roses and black orchids.  While flowers can come in a lot of colors to transform to any theme or colors, some flowers will not.
  • Have more than one flower:  even in simpler, smaller things like bouquets, more than one flower creates much more body and life.
  • Don’t go overboard: first of all this will save you money.  It will also avoid something being overwhelmed or swallowed in flowers and directions.  No wants an obstructed view of people or things.
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Happy Planning!
Photo credit: www.pinterest.com