Tips To Make Your Hotel Wedding Stress Free

Hotel Wedding Organization 101: Tips To Make Your
Hotel Wedding Stress Free
A wedding is a time when two people
share their commitment and love for one another. There’s many great places to
have a wedding and a hotel is one of them. Luxury hotels offer so many
advantages to couples and their guests. That’s why more and more people are
opting to have their weddings in these grand hotels.

Weddings, although we would like them to, don’t
always go off without a hitch. Generally, when a problem occurs it’s usually
because inadequate planning and organization has taken place in the planning
process. For those who are about to have a hotel wedding, this expert guide
will give you an idea of what to look out for and how to make your day go off
without any trouble. Let’s get started.

To Make Your Day Trouble Free
When having a wedding in a luxury hotel,
there’s a few things you need to look out for or keep in mind to make your day
trouble free. These include:
– Some luxury hotels will have
additional costs involved depending on what’s required for your day. Before
signing any agreement and paying any money it’s a good idea to work through
everything with the hotel manager to ensure additional costs won’t be incurred.
For example, some luxury hotels may charge extra if your wedding goes longer
than expected. It’s always good to know these things before your day comes
Your Hired Services The Day Before –

The day before your wedding, call any hired services such as the photographer,
venue, make-up artist, hairdresser etc. to make sure they’re all ready for the
big day. This will give you time to have a back-up plan if someone isn’t ready.
Friends With The Staff Prior To Your Wedding

– Many brides make the mistake of demanding services from hotel staff members.
The problem with this is that it can leave everyone on edge during your day.
Instead be friendly with the staff and the catering team as they have the power
to negotiate whether you’ll receive any room upgrades or deals on the day. It
will also make everyone relaxed on the day.
For A Bar Package –
Many people make the
mistake of paying per consumption. The problem with this is that some of your
guests love to drink more, which would cost you more. Instead ask the hotel
manager whether they can offer a fixed price bar package for your day. This
will allow you to pay the one price, even if the drinking gets a bit wild.

Whether You Can Decorate The Night Before

– For a more customised wedding, see whether you have the option of decorating
the night before. Some luxury hotels may allow this which can also save you
money. If they don’t allow self decoration, ask whether they can customise
their decorating services to suit your needs. Also check to see how much extra
this will cost.

Planning and
executing your wedding day can be stressful. However, by preplanning and
knowing some simple tips on how to make your luxury hotel wedding go off
without any problems, you’ll be able to really enjoy your day. Are you having a
hotel wedding?

Matt is a venue co-ordinator who organizes, plans, and runs large conferences, weddings and other events at different venue locations, and currently writes for Mercure Ballarat. He works hard on delivering the best for his clients, and strives to make each event a success. He and his wife love travelling, and plan to travel to Europe in the coming year. 

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